Monday, April 29, 2019

Totally Useless, Bad Dog No Biscuit, Wolves and The Repentless at The BlueCow Underground

The Mountain Man's second band, Totally Useless, had a show this weekend at a different but awesome kind of venue.  The bands that played were phenomenal.  I may have had a bit too much fun being that it was byob.  Anyhow, below are some of the pictures I took.  Hope you enjoy.  Next show, I'll see what I can do about getting some video.

Totally Useless

 A little prog-rock, a little punk, a whole lot of awesome.
Totally Useless 
Totally Useless

sexy man

Isn't he sexy!

Bad Dog, No Biscuit

A blend of hard rock, heavy blues and a damn good time.
Bad Dog, No Biscuit

Bad Dog, No Biscuit

Bad Dog, No Biscuit

The Wolves

Always a crowd pleaser that gets the audience moving.



The Repentless

A heavy metal band that forever brings an epic and engaging show.
The Repentless

The Repentless

The Repentless

The Repentless

The Repentless

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Weekend Shenanigans: Music and Easter Fun

Friday Night

This weekend was packed full of shenanigans.  Starting with Friday night when Action Kick Johnny got called in to fill in for a band that had to cancel at Moon City Pub.

The night started off with the smooth voice of Kent Crockett from Kansas City singing some R&B.

Followed by Action Kick Johnny who of course rocked as usual, finished off the evening.

Saturday Night

Saturday was a special day for the Mountain Man and I as it was our 7th wedding anniversary.  We celebrated by attending The Many Smokey Moods 4/20 show at Krave's Seafood and Oyster Bar.  It was an evening of epic proportions with so many incredibly talented entertainers who made it a night to remember!

Smokey Folk took the stage first with a little rock, a little funk and some awesome grooves.

Next up was one of my very favorite local bands Mood Ring Circus.  They brought the energy and the horns!  Always an amazing show with these guys!

Closing off the evening with their incredible sounds was The Many Colored Death and their guest stars Casandra Carson from Paralandra and Cord Bishop from Troy.

I could not have asked for a better night or for better music for that matter.  It was one of our best anniversaries yet!

Sunday Afternoon

Finally, to finish off the weekend shenanigans, Happy Easter everyone from our family to yours.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Weekend Shenanigans: Springfield Roller Derby

This weekend we took the girls to see their first roller derby game, Springfield Roller Derby All Stars vs. the Capital City Crushers at the Shrine Mosque downtown Springfield.





Roller Derby

These ladies played an impressive game and my girls were enthralled!

The Springfield All Stars were victorious in the end with an awesome final score.

Final Score


And a special thanks to my friend Dalena aka Furious Black, the girls are your biggest fans.

forever fans

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Weekend Shenanigans: Action Kick Johnny, Zero to Panic and Second Start at F.O.H.

Springfield Downtown

We were at the Front of House bar this weekend for a show.  

Action Kick Johnny

Action Kick Johnny (one of Mountain Man's bands) rocked out first.

Action Kick Johnny

Action Kick Johnny

With special guest Ryan Dunn on the sax.


Myself and the other band wives danced all night long.  No one rocks harder than the band wives.

Zero to Panic

Next up was Zero to Panic.  It was my first time seeing them play and have to say, I am now one of their biggest fans!

Second Start

Closing out the night was Second Start.  It was my second time getting to see them play and they did not disappoint.  

Weekend Shenanigans is something I am going to start doing and see how it goes.  If it goes well enough, I will add more of hundreds of photos I take at these shows.  So look forward to that.  Until next weekend...