Thursday, October 11, 2018

Themed Thursday: Puntastic Costumes

 Its that time of year once again, Halloween.  What you need this year is an awesome costume, a puntastic costume even.  Who doesn't like a good pun?  And if you're not a fan, let's see how many of these you can go through before your eyes roll up permanently in your head.  

Alice in Chains costume

As you can see from the picture above, our first punderful costume, Alice in Chains.  Not the one for you?  That's ok, we have a punderland of costume ideas ahead.

Taco Belle Costume

Taco 'bout a punomenal costume, this one is sure to get attention.  But if its nacho flavor, that's ok.

Social Butterfly Costume

The Social Butterfly costume is a sure winner but may not be what you're looking for.  Just Gif me another chance!  If you're looking for something to better draw in the ladies, how about the Chick Magnet?

Chick Magnet Costume

Still not laughing?  I thought it was punny.  I guess if you still need some punspiration, we'll continue on.

Spelling Bee Costume

How about this simple yet effective, Spelling Bee.  Ok, ok.  Even I found this one punfortunate.  It stung.  But you have your options.

Bee-yonce costume

If they don't get the PUNchline in this one, tell them to buzz off.  

Zom-bee costume

If this is still not the one for you, don't worry, I bee-lieve I have some more.

Dunkin Donuts Costume

These Dunkin Donuts costumes are great for friends or couples.  There are, pundoutably, other couples costumes available if you donut like this one.

Whip and Nae Nae costume

Need a spur of the moment decision on a couples costume, pony up with this sure favorite.
Or perhaps you are looking for a group costume?

Spice Girls Costume

You and your friends could have a fabulous thyme in these Spice Girls costumes.  

Domino's Pizza Costume

Or you can be punstoppable in this Domino's Pizza group costume.

French Kiss Costume

Calling this group costume perfectly awesome would be a punderstatement.  And for those who groaned their way all the way to the end, it is also our last punderific costume.  You're welcome.