Thursday, May 31, 2018

Themed Thursday: Celebrity Families

 Welcome to my mediocre account of celebrity families, but really just me reminiscing some of my childhood favorites.

Deluise Family

The younger generations might not recognize this first celebrity family but they were huge in my day.  (God, I feel old.)

Dom Deluise voiced a lot of my favorite cartoon characters growing up, made me laugh with some of my favorite Mel Brooks movies, I just found him all around adorable.

It wasn't until SeaQuest (remember that show?) that I fell for the rest of the Deluise boys.

In the SeaQuest 2032 Vapors episode, the Deluise family took over.

And lets not forget 21 Jump Street and my personal favorite: Stargate SG1 and its other spin-offs.  They not only acted in it but Peter directed quite a few of the episodes.

Unfortunately Dom passed away in 2009 but did he leave quite the legacy behind.

There is so much more to the Deluise family, but we'll move on.

Lawrence Brothers

The Lawrence brothers.

It all started with Joey on Blossom where he played the dumb hunk we all loved.  Then Matthew showed up in Boy Meets World and Mrs. Doubtfire and then we got all 3 of them in the shortly lived T.V. series, Brotherly Love.

They are all still in the entertainment business with no end in sight.

Olsen Twins

Remember these two?  Well some people seem not to have realized that...

Scarlet Witch

...this familiar face is related to the twins.

Olsen sisters

The Olsen sisters.

The Olsen twins have built a huge empire and though Elizabeth started off acting in her sisters films she made a name for herself in Martha Marcy May Marlene which she won various awards for.  Then of course her role as the Scarlet Witch has certainly advanced her acting career.

I saved these guys for last.  The Estevez family.

Estevez Family

A family of actors, including (not pictured) Martin's brother Joe.  But the three I grew up being more familiar with would be Martin, Charlie and Emilio.  Emilio was always my favorite having been part of the Brat Pack.

Emilio, Charlie and Martin

 The family has acted together several times, including Young Guns, The West Wing and of course Two and a Half Men.  Martin Sheen is in a starring role on Netflix's Grace and Frankie.  Charlie Sheen's most recent stuff was a show in 2017 called Typical Rick.  As for Emilio, in The Public, he writes, directs and acts in the show.

Well that's it.  That's all I have for you today.  What other celebrity families did I not mention that you are currently bitching at me for missing?