Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Creature That Lives In The Shed: A Horror Story By Me

There once was a happy family that lived in beautiful home, in a good neighborhood, in a nice and quiet town.  Life was wonderful, though fairly uneventful.  However, behind this beautiful home stood a little worn down shed.  The shed was not very big, but had enough room to house the family's outdoor toys.

That was before that fateful day when that little worn out shed became something else to the family.  It was a day like any other.  Shortly after lunch the mother and two young daughters came out to the backyard to play and soak up some of that Summer sun.  And as usual, the young girls asked to play with their digging toys which were housed in the little shed.  The mother, in a fine mood, walked to the shed, unaware of the horror that awaited her.  

She clicked open the latch on the door to the little shed and without a thought for any thing other than her task at hand she swung open the wide heavy door.  With her eyes focused on a box full of toys, she didn't see it at first.  It was a master of concealment.  Slowly it slithered towards her, its tongue darting in and out in rapid succession, tasting her in the air.  It was then, that she heard the hiss behind her...No, ABOVE her!

That's right! The freaking snake was on the top of the door and he was looking all kinds of mad at me.  Now I'm not one to let some little thing frighten me that easily.  Nope, I didn't jump back or even scream....I damn well LEAPT for my life!  As for the scream, I was left with no more than a gurgle in my time of terror.

The girls were hardly phased by my dive for survival.  A look of slight annoyance did, however, cross their sweet little faces as I did not emerge with their treasured digging toys.
The evil creature slithered back into the unknown shortly after its failed attack.
Well, so maybe he didn't actually try to bite me, and it may also be possible that he was simply surprised at having been flung to the side while barely keeping his perch upon the door, but still...

Now don't think that little jerk was all innocent in this, for this was not the first or last incident in which he has chosen to present himself to us.  Nooooo!  And he seems to like to do so from head level.  He's a snooty snake.  All high and mighty.  We're beneath him and he's making a point that we know this.  Little Jerkface!  He's still out there probably preparing for his next surprise attack, but we know now of his wicked existence and we're ready.  With brooms at hand, we will drive him back...or at least use said broom to check all boxes and shelves before retrieving our play pretties.