Tuesday, June 9, 2015

One Sad Sob Fest

I've lost my ability to be witty and sarcastic.  My story is a heartbreaking one of a somewhat clever woman who birthed two wild beasts that destroy most all her mental faculties on a daily bases.

And yes, this is me blaming my lovely children for my great lack of reason, wit or sense.

I've wanted to blog, thought of it often in fact.  But every time I sit down to type out a post....um....uh...well....F-it.

With my menu planning, grocery lists, to do lists of house hold chores, errands, phone calls and other such bs, you'd think I'd have gone mental by now, but not the fun wacky way I've always pictured.  Nope, I become the slack jawed, molded into the couch, slobber running down my chin, practically brain dead kind of loony.

So cry for me and my pitiful existence...or laugh and point.  I'm too ....too ...blah to care.  (Please brain, come back to me!)

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