Friday, April 4, 2014

Getting My Scare On

I Love horror movies.  Mind you, I Hate slasher movies.  My husband is not a fan of either which leaves me waiting until he's at work to watch them...with my 2 year old, who just happens to love zombie movies in particular.  There are times when I consider the movie to be too graphic for her and I'll try to cover her eyes.  Like the one time the guy was getting attacked by a zombie and was about to rip the zombie's head off...she peeked over my hand and said "Whoa, that was close," just as the zombie's head came off.  So, does that mean I'm doing this right or so very wrong?

Some days I just make the Mountain Man suffer through it.  Some times I'm just too eager to get my scare on.  And other times I'm just feeling cruel and put on a movie that I know he especially will hate, like anything with sharks, he hates sharks!  Mwhahaha....I'm a good wife, because I keep it interesting.

Shark Attack

So, how do you feel about horror movies, fan or not?  Either way, you need to watch this little bit of awesomeness.

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