Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April Fool's Fail

So I've been waiting for the 1st of April since last April.  I had so many pranks planned, shit, I was pinning them on Pinterest even.  So the day came, I was busy being mom and completely forgot until an hour before my victim (aka Husband) was supposed to be home.  So instead of having an entire house booby-trapped for the man I adore, I only had time to set up 2 pranks.  I taped the water sprayer on the sink but since I'd gotten him with that last year, I decided to put some poppers on the garage door (his hideout when he's home).  He got home and I was so smooth, he didn't have a clue.  I stood out on the back porch and casually waited for him to open the door anticipating a victory "yelp".  
Alas, my prank failed.  The tape I used to tape the poppers failed.  The cheap crap, should have used duct tape....oh well, at least we still had the sprayer on the sink, right?
He comes back inside and I ask him to get a bottle for the baby.  Again, I waited casually, giving no hint to my deception, when suddenly I hear my much wanted "yelp".  I got him, barely!  He stepped aside saving himself from the full spray and drenching the kitchen floor.  P.S. we have great range on our sprayer, reached all the way to the other side of the kitchen...

Do to my disappointing April 1st, my poor husband will have to deal with me making it up allllll year loooonnggg!!!  :)


The Twig and Berry said...

At least you got him on one!

That Nerdy Girl said...

There's always Halloween. ;)