Monday, July 8, 2013

Geekdom: Ironman, Wolverine, Superman or Batman???

We all have our favorites, the heroes we admire and wish we could emulate.  So out of Ironman, Batman, Superman and Wolverine, which would you rather be and why???



Take the suit away and what is he? Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist. 



Why?  Well as my friend Amber puts it, "Because he's dark, mysterious, rich and has the coolest car, after all its the car, chicks dig the car."

and then there's this: 
Always be batman



God like powers, faster than a speeding bullet, can fly....any questions?

and finally,



Not to mention the Chops on that man, but Wolverine can not die!  And I think my friend Devlin puts it best, "
"Wolverine, I mean come on: twice the isolation and abandonment complex as batman, three times the self assured smugness as Ironman, and uh weakness- hello he heals himself, even he doesn't know how old he really is, and fuck the origins movie- none yet Superman is affected by Kryptonite and stars (or suns if you will) of different color- yellow sun 'awesome', red sun 'oh no! we suck again!'"

My obvious choice is Wolverine.  What's yours?


Robyn said...

Aquaman. Not one of the above choices, but I am naturally oriented to the DC universe.

Claire Lopez said...

Superman, for sure (and I might get Batman to loan me his car)

Slyde said...

i've been a hulk fan since i was 7, so i've gotta stick with my big green friend. i dont care if hes not on your there!

Brandy Wilcoxen said...

Batman and Superman are both DC.