Thursday, January 10, 2013

Themed Thursday: WTF?! UPDATED

So something went wrong with the original WTF post so this is the updated version.

On the interwebz its an everyday thing to come across something that makes you think What the Fuck?!  So here are a few I've come across recently.  Enjoy.

WTF Toys

wtf toy
pooping dog toy

WTF Jacket

hug me jacket

WTF Tattoo

wtf tattoo

WTF Science

Japanese Scientists create Meat from Poop!!

WTF Video


Anonymous said...

Swayze rocks.

Slyde said...

i am here to say that i have actually played the doggy doo game...

PorkStar said...

The doggie poo reminds me of a little baby doll thingie a few years ago that pooped too.. encouraging kids to change diapers or get used to doing that when they grow up, i guess.