Thursday, September 22, 2011

Themed Thursday: Ruffly Undies

I don't know if its just the hormones or not, but I just have a thing for ruffles these days...

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fabled Creatures From Beyond The Grave

Little bunny Fu-fu* was hopping through the forest when he came upon an old friend.
So he hopped up to him and asked "Master Unicorn, how have you been?"
But no answer did come from Master Unicorn.
So little bunny Fu-fu thought "Maybe he didn't hear."
So he hopped a lil closer and screamed it in his ear.
This time, Master Unicorn did respond.
He turned a look in Fu-fu's direction.
Fu-fu hopped back, feeling quite the affliction.
"I apologize Master Unicorn, I did not mean to be a bother."
He could tell Master Unicorn was not feeling well.
Will blood dripping from his nostrils and the awful smell.
It was then he heard the whispers of the other woodland creatures.
They said to "Run, run away!"
But it was too late, Master Unicorn had found his prey.
The other woodland creatures looked on with horror.
As poor little bunny Fu-fu screamed, "Holy crap! He's eating me alive!"**

You wanted it people, now you got it. Don't bitch.

*I asked my mother how to spell Fu-fu. And she was like "F, U" and I was like, "No, F you!"

**My mother was very disturbed by this story. Because she likes unicorns. Geesh, she's such a girl sometimes.

Zombie Unicorn

P.S. I've been trying to catch up on all the blogs I've been missing recently, so many of you will be seeing some comments on some of your older posts, and possibly some repeated comments cuz I forget, and I'll be trying to get to them all, but I'm only one person and what do you want from me, I'm trying my best, reading my poor lil heart out, but I've still felt guilty which is why I actually wrote a RHYMING story just for you all and you should all really appreciate it cuz I don't like to write rhyming cuz I suck at it and now this is just all nonsense. I don't wanna play no more so I'm taking my dolly and going home!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Its My Birthday!

29 years ago I made my daring escape from the womb and have pretty much ruled the world since.  And just in case some of you forgot, here's a reminder of what all I expect on this glorious day: