Monday, August 22, 2011

Wandering Thoughts

So, wanna come inside my head?...Don't run! Come on back here. It's not that bad. Just, try not to get lost, its easy to do, trust me. Try to keep up and you'll be fiiinnne....really....yeah.

  • I need a new post idea.
  • But, I'm having this AWESOME inability to concentrate right now.
  • My mind is working at high speed.
  • Maybe I'm a genius but I can't portray it because I think too fast. (Evil grin appears on face for no obvious reason to the outside world)
  • Ha, that could be my special gift. "What's your super power?" "Genius bitch!"
  • I'm a dork.
  • I wonder if I have any new comments on my last post... (Raise your hand if you're guilty)
  • I love paper. Fresh new notebook. That's hot.
  • I hate Paris Hilton.
  • I need more notebooks...and light bulbs.
  • Light bulbs...ding, new idea.
  • Music!
  • Ah I hate that song. Stop.
  • the name of love, before you break my heart...
  • I can never remember the rest of that stupid song.
  • I'll Google it.
  • Come over to myspace so I can twitter your yahoo 'til you google on my facebook.
  • Damn it. Every time I think or hear Google.
  • ...
So obviously, I couldn't come up with anything...and this is what you get. Hope you enjoyed the trip. I'll try to come up with something worth reading soon...I hope...

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Satan said...

i have a love for untouched paper, and specifically blank notebooks (i like them fancy & leather), that borders on the erotically obscene.

StephanieC said...

*passes you tissue to wipe off your facebook*

Google can get sticky, ya know.



Johi said...

I hate Paris Hilton too.
"That's hot". I like to say it while making one eye smaller than the other, because I am bitch who is bored.

Slyde said...

late to responding to your last post, but i love the pics! You really are a beautiful gal, and those pics are awesome...