Thursday, August 25, 2011

Themed Thursday: Umbrellas

I was never a fan of umbrellas, except for their purpose in life (to keep the rain off you), until I saw this one!

Isn't it the coolest thing EVER!?  Then I decided to see what other types were available, and now I want to start an umbrella collection!....

Shit, its raining

Ghost busters


Johi said...

That first one must have been designed by Tim Burton.

Fred Miller said...

I like "SHIT IT'S RAINING." I would make a velcro patch to read "GOOD" instead of "SHIT". Just to piss off the right people on certain days.

Janice MacLeod said...

I never understood the clear umbrellas. I'd feel like I was walking around in a bubble. Or in a greenhouse. Or in a plastic bag. And that makes me all claustrophobic. So I think I'll stick to the "shit it's raining" brellie.