Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Chain Gang

So, my friends are evil and secretly hate me because they actually believe that they can force me into getting my nipples pierced. Why, you say, would they want to force such a torturous event on someone as sweet and innocent as I? They say its not because they want me to cry and scream bloody F-ing murder (though I'm sure they'd find that great entertainment), but so we can call ourselves the Chain Gang.

Like I'd actually volunteer to be part of a group that threads a chain through all their nipple rings. Yeah, not so much. You can hunt me down and haul me out, but you can't make me!

Ok, so they're not really going to link themselves with chains. But those in the group who have yet to pierce their nipples are going down town to get em done. I told them I'd get my belly button pierced and they were all "Thats not good enough" and I was all "Well fine then! You can just kiss my shiny lil ass!"......I should have known better with these people. Almost got depants right then and there.

So yeah, its my new I'd rather... Like I'd rather get my nipples pierced than suck face with you. Its now up there with, I'd rather be stung in the eye by a bee, or I'd rather sandpaper a croc's ass in a phone booth, or I'd rather shave my legs Cabin Fever style, or......Ok, your turn, what are your I'd rathers?

Also, while I wasn't here, I was over Here.

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Slyde said...

call me old fashioned, but ive never found the piercing of ANY kind of genitalia sexy. I'm all for bellybuttons, but leave the nips intact, please...