Friday, July 1, 2011

The Proper Way to Eat Cereal

For me, eating cereal is an art. So, to become such an artist as I, follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Take your bowl and fill it with milk. Thats right, milk goes in first. 

Step 2: Next you take a handful of the cereal of your choosing (I'm a fan of them all) and put it into the milk and enjoy. Eat a handful at a time.

Why, you say, should this be considered an art? Well, think about the benefits.

-No more soggy cereal.

Thats really all thats important to me. I hate soggy cereal.


Marty said...

can you hold your bowl on your belly yet?? that was totally THE upside of being way pregnant for me...

Oilfield Trash said...


Johi said...

You are adorable.
P.S. Try a pop-up comment box- these embedded ones are being stinkers. This is the first time I have been able to comment here for a month(I've been trying!)

Chelle (Questionable Sanity) said...

Oooh. Pop up comment box. Spiffy!

Soggy cereal is lame. That's why I eat Grapenuts!
With these tips though... I might be able to enjoy me some frosted mini wheats! Yay!

Mads said...

I just eat the cereal really really fast. Does that count?
I like your style though.