Thursday, May 12, 2011

Themed Thursday: Zombies Part 4

The last chapter of Themed Thursday's Zombies.  Not to be mistaken for the last Themed Thursday or even the last of Zombies on this site, just the combination of the two.

Part 4 has been reserved for the funny hahas, the zombies that have made me laugh and hopefully, will do the same for you.

flammable zombies

eat flesh


baby zombie


fucking hungry
zombie tshirt
I don't think I'd get away with wearing this shirt...being a chick and all.

cutest zombie ever
Cutest Zombie EVER!

zombie wedding cake
Mine and the Mountain Man's future wedding cake.

zombie plush
Zombie plush.  I recently got this as a bday gift for Snake...

He, of course, loved it.

zombie barbie

pestilence pony
Zombie play pretties for the youngins.

zombie high-heels
And for the ladies.

Zombie Marvel

I've asked for the series for my last 3 birthdays.

zombie clowns

And yes, I just can't get enough of the clowns.

Adam Fisher
Drawn by my best friend Adam.  He's also designing the zombie tattoo I'll be getting after the is born.

zombie makeup
Damn good zombie makeup and I want to copy it for next year's Visioncon.

My favorite zombie of all time.  Do any of you know where he's from?

A good second favorite for last.  Can you remember which movie he's from?


Oilfield Trash said...

I love the wedding cake one.

laughingmom said...

The baby Zombie is fantastic!

Pearl said...

:-) that's a lot of zombies. :-)

Am a HUGE fan of "scary" movies.


p.s. You asked about baby shower games. :-) Do you know thte rice and safety in game? Bowl of rice (uncooked!! ha ha) and a good handful or two of closed safety pins (unless, of course, you don't like the people at the shower...). Blindfold the contestant, 30 seconds on teh clock and watch the blindfolded chick try to find the safety pins in the handful of rice she just picked up. It's amazing how many people can hold a handful of rice with like 10 safety pins in it and claim that there are no pins... Most pins win. No zombies, but it's a little challenging and it can be very funny.

And funny's what it's all about. :-)

Brandy Rose said...

Yay! Its back!