Monday, May 2, 2011

Shits and Giggles

Ok, seriously, this is all just a bunch of random crap that makes me giggle. If you feel you need any explanation, I'd be happy to oblige, otherwise I hope you get a few giggles yourself.

-Songs that my dad taught me when I was 8 yrs old which led to my mother having to explain to me that singing said songs to strangers in a grocery store was not exactly appropriate:

"I like to go a swimming,
with a lot a naked women,
when the waters down lowwww."

"She was coming around the mountain going 90 miles an hour when the chain on her bicycle broke,
She was found in the grass,
With a sprocket up her ass,
And her titty playing dixie on the spokes."

-What does a 300 pd canarie say? 

Here kitty, kitty.

-Ever been at a bar and been completely inebriated and met a guy (a 60 or 70 something Willie Nelson look-a-like) and asked him to sing On the Road Again? And actually have him do it? I have. :D

-Trying to say inebriated while drunk.  ( I miss drinking.)

-And for some reason, this little guy:

P.S. What makes you giggle?


Oilfield Trash said...

This was hilarious and made me laugh.

And actually here in Houston one night, I did meet a Willie Nelson look alike. I asked him if wanted some "brownies" and he laughed.

Chelle said...

I heart the little groundhog dude.

Johi said...

Awesome, especially the Willie Nelson part. That ground squirrel is hilarious!

jarheadxbox said...

Your dad really taught you those songs at eight?

Brandy Rose said...

He was ornery like that and liked to get my mom going.

StephanieC said...

Not enough is making me giggle these days... did enjoy the "go on" pic, tho!

Anonymous said...

the "Save yourself, I'm dead already" prarie dog is my new best friend!

Slyde said...

i had known it as..

I like to go a swimming,
with a bow-legged women

momiss said...

Oh, honey, I knew all the words to Satin Sheets by the time I was 7. That makes me giggle now.
I also just read where Mariah Carey names her twins after her Morocan (ms) decor and her inspiration, (Marilyn) Monroe. That will probably make me giggle after I stop feeling sorry for those poor babies with the half-wit mother. Maybe she should just stick to singing and let us wonder about her intelligence. Or compassion. Or level of self involvement.....
I miss drinking too.