Thursday, May 26, 2011

Daily Dose of Cookoo

Are you getting your daily dose of cookoo? You should be. Its what keeps you from going insane. My crazy likes to come out and play when I get bored. My family and friends have to suffer through it because often times I entertain myself with wonderfully childish pranks.

However, there have been times, when bored, that I have found myself doing some odd, sometimes dim-witted, possibly wrong, but always highly entertaining things.

I've practiced being a stunt double for a fight scene. you don't need a partner for this. Its not like you need someone there to pretend to be kicking your ass...though it gets complicated to explain to someone just walking in.

I've tried to move things with my mind. Oh come on, everybody has tried it at least once. Hey and I'm sure some succeed.

I've danced like Mick Jagger. Always best to do in private, unless you want someone to think you're talented enough to have seizures standing up.

I've attempted flying. Need to work on the landing...

I add sound effects, to life in general.

I've tried eating with my toes, brushing my hair with my toes, writing this post with my toes....

I've played hide and seek with the cats. The bastards kick ass at hide and seek.

If I see it on TV and they say "Don't try this at home" I probably will.

Plans for boredom in the near future:

-Going to Walmart (because apparently all the fun things should be done at Walmart. Why? IDK) and playing hide and seek with strangers.

-Going to Home Depot and having them explain how to put siding on my house while pretending to be a British chick who's hard of hearing. Because I like how "What'd you say?" sounds in a loud British accent.

-Banning the word Spork and forcing the usage of Foon.

How do you keep yourself entertained?


Anonymous said...

Foon is full of win. If it comes to a vote, I'm with you!

I like to put the tv on the weather channel and mute it, then narrate it myself.

"Today the midwest will be covered by big globs of green, followed by a bunch of red arrows that will push it away. Please be aware that arrows are pointy and pokey, and those without the proper safety gear should stay inside until the arrows pass."

Marty said...

Walmart gets even more entertaining with kids! You can bring them and just let them run wild wrecking havoc on the place, and they'll STILL be in the top ten for best behaved monsters at the store at any given time.

Angela@BeggingTheAnswer said...

Please, please, please make a point to complete all the tasks you've assigned for boredom in the future, and then write a post about what happened. It would be full of WIN!

Anonymous said...

im with you... everytime i hear "dont try this at home" i think to myself, "dont tell me what the hell to do!"


Anonymous said...

Effin blogger won't let me log in. Oh well.

Juggling midgets, telling blind people to 'watch out', tickling mimes, calling the front desk at the hotel to tell them the volume on my tv doesn't work and then when the maintenance guy comes up I pretend like I'm deaf and I talk like a mental marlee matlin, ordering tacos at burger places, taking pictures of butt cracks, making up back stories for everyone in the coffee shop, mentally analyzing the people browsing the self help section of the book store, daydreaming, and geez, I could go on forever! I'm pretty easily enteretained...


Anonymous said...

I do a lot of these already (hey, I'm the one who threw her shoulder out playing Last Stand of the 300!) and the ones I don't already do, I will totally be doing NOW. And Chuckweasel thought it was embarrassing when I danced to the the Muzak in the Kroger...

Phoenix Talon said...

Fake British accents are the shizz. My friend Regan and I are planning to have a picnic and we will wear sundresses and big floppy hats and speak in British accents.

Laura said...

I've done ... some of those.

You must have exceptional cats. I'm pretty sure that if I tried to play Hide and Seek with my cats, when it was my turn to hide, the game would turn into Hide and Sleep.