Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Geekdom: Doctor Who Enemies

Are you a Doctor Who fan?  I am.  And not just a David Tennant fan (though I'd rough him up in all the wonderful ways thought possible), but a true blood, Doctor loving fan.

The Doctor has always had the best of enemies from around the universe and I am going to list my all time favorites here and now.  Prepare yourself! Dum dum dum....did that seem epic?  I was going for epic...

We'll start off with the Doctor's oldest enemy, the daleks.  "Exterminate!"

The second is one of the Doctor's most persistent enemies, the cybermen. "You will be assimilated."

Are you my mummy

Third, the most creepy of all the Doctor's enemies, this lil fucker from The Empty Child episode. "Are you my mummy?"

And last.  The scariest of his enemies.  Don't look away, don't even blink!  Its the weeping angels.
weeping angel
Yeah, doesn't look that scary does it.  Not when you're looking at them and they just appear to be weeping.  But if you were to look away, even for a second.  If you were to simply blink...the next thing you'd see.....

attack of the weeping angel

Yeah, so not cool!

If you have yet to watch these episodes then go catch up.  If you have yet to watch any Doctor Who, then go do so now.  If you have watched it and choose not to be a fan then you fail at life and I may never forgive you.


Slyde said...

i have to say, as nerdy as i am, that i have never 'gotten' dr. who. Is this going to be our first fight? because, if it is, im looking forward to the make-up sex :)

that said, i keep hearing outstanding things about Torchwood, so im gonna watch it on netflix soon.

Captain Dumbass said...

I've only recently started watching it because my wife is a fan. It's a great show though.

Lone Ranger said...

The cybermen scare me the most. Perhaps it's because of that sound they make when they march -- like jackbooted armies throughout history.