Sunday, January 9, 2011

Weekend Shenanigans

We had a Pajama party on Saturday...

There was a lot of this:

Yes we did shotguns.  I lost....

And there was a lot of this:

Das Boot
My best friend pissed off because he lost a game and his prize was Das Boot!

And there was a lot of this:

More pjs
My friend Jessika in her lovely sushi pajamas.

We know how to play hard here at the aMedivm house.

P.S. No more shotguns...EVER AGAIN, for me...


CB said...

Damnit! I want to go to a pajama party!!!!

Brandy Rose said...

This Summer, we're having an underwear party...can't wait :D

Sandra said...

Oh come on! It looked like so much fun!