Thursday, December 9, 2010

Themed Thursday

Wizard of Oz!

Ever notice how similar Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland are?  The idea of that wonderful world coming to life and then being thought just a dream?  And the Halloween costumes of course.  But I can't help wishing authors now and days were on the same good drugs as the ones back when these two stories were written.

I've found a few images to share with you of a more twisted look at the beloved story.  Enjoy!

The first one coming to you from Daily Cow:
 A question was posed to me, if this was a movie, what actors would you like to see for which characters?

I think a remake movie would be awesome.  Something more epic then the Tin Man series of course.

Oh sooooo wrong....but so funny....

You have to admit, two of the main characters looking for body organs, is a little perverse...

I love this one.  Its actually from a show on about people who go overboard on their Halloween costumes.  This is a guys take on steampunk Wizard of Oz, Flying monkey and Toto.

Idk, this one just caught my attention.  I guess I like the role switch, and the Lion's costume is pretty hot.

And last.  It made me giggle.


Dorlana said...

I love the first one - lol. She's off to off the wizard - that's great.


Sandra said...

I love how your mind works!