Thursday, December 30, 2010

Themed Thursday: Cat in the Hat

Cat in the Hat!

Cat in the Hat
I was gonna write an awesome rhyme to go with this post but every time I started to rhyme this would come out:

I wish I was little bit taller,
I wish I was a baller
I wish I had a girl who looked good
I would call her
I wish I had a rabbit in a hat with a bat
and a '64 Impala

Remember that from back in the day?  Skee-Lo Bitches!!

Anyhow, here's some Cat in the Hat shit....

I want this mounted on my wall!

Granny Wolf Dolls

This is one of the Granny Wolf Originals, Art Dolls by Shannon Martinez.  Check out the link, she's got some neat shit.

Hair hat
The hat...made of hair...its not exactly ewww, just ewww-ish in my opinion.

Slammed I am!
I couldn't come up with a rhyme of my own, so I stole one.  And it suits me...


Captain Dumbass said...

I want the horned cat-thing wall mount.

Anonymous said...

I used to think you were younger than me... but keep spinnin' rhymes like that one and we're both headed to the Ol' G's Home, yo! : )

Always Home and Uncool said...

Know I know why you liked the Things on the Christmas card so much. Happy New Year, Brandy ... K