Monday, December 27, 2010

Resolutions Require Solutions...Blah!

I will obtain more money.
I will obtain a life.
I will also obtain a secret life of wild nights, possibly some crime, and a whole lot of fun.
I will obtain the knowledge for the world's best prank.
I will obtain a stalker.
I will obtain new excuses for my behavior.
I will obtain a recording of an audience applause to help my self-esteem.

I will stop saying "Lol" in face to face conversation.
I will stop running into doors, windows, walls, tables, chairs...etc.
I will stop tripping over invisible objects.
I will stop embarrassing myself...(hopeless).
I will stop taking all the credit....and start blaming others.
I will stop having conversations with imaginary public.

I will get a new start on all my bad habits.
I will be more awesome (if possible).

Your turn....


Anonymous said...

I'm thinking we can achieve #1 as a side effect of #3... and I'm going to Vegematic blenderize "running into things," "tripping over invisible things," and "embarrassing myself" into "blaming others." Why do they keep tripping me with their invisible feet???

Brandy Rose said...

hoodyhoo: Nice...its like they want to kill me...

pattypunker said...

stalker! i so want a stalker, too.