Monday, December 20, 2010

Rant and Rave

I'm not gay, but I have friends who are and I believe in gay marriage and I'm not gonna get into the religious part of it all, but if you are against gay marriage then please watch Lily Allen's Fuck you video because I just don't have the patience to explain to you how reality doesn't and shouldn't be made to form around your small minded opinions. 

Whoa!  Ranting requires run-on sentences.  (That was fun)

However, if you are like me and are For, then enjoy these lovely pics I found for you and have a good laugh!

That's right bitch!

And my favorite...


Frankie Romano said...

Omfgg, i love these :)
Did you hear about Don't ask, don't tell getting repealed the other day???

Brandy Rose said...

I did. Historic freakin moment.

6FM said...

My fav is the gay bridal registry. LOL! Thanks for the smile.