Thursday, December 23, 2010

I don't wanna!

Yep, I've got the "I don't wanna"s, as in "I don't wanna do Themed Thursday today and you might wonder why, well, because I'm hungover because I made the decision last night to go out (being quite aware that I had to get up this morning to work) to go see a Primus cover band who weren't too shabby and their lead singer even kinda looked like Les Claypool, anyhow, I had a few to drink and kept ignoring the time and how late it was getting because I just didn't wanna...and so today, in my slightly hungover, extremely sleepy and somewhat aggravated disposition I'll do what I want...true story.

But on the good side, Mountain Man put my Xmas gift under the tree!!  And here it is:

Christmas Wrapping

He has such talent in gift wrapping....

To be fair, I sorta had the wrapping paper hid.

I shook it and squeezed it and yes, I dropped it.  I begged for hints and got, "Its something I'll never use", it has many colors and its not breakable.  I'm hoping its an Ownership Title for The World.  Because that would be awesome and he's the Mountain Man and he can produce miracles like that.


Sandra said...

You know, nothing says you can't carefully peel back the tape, check it out, then rig it back into it's place...not that I ever do this, but i hear it can be done. :)

Brandy Rose said...

He keeps threatening me that he'd know lol.