Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Hiatus

I guess I should tell you a bit about myself.  For those of you who already know me, you're probably wondering what happened to that "other" blog.  I deleted it.  Not because I think it sucked or anything, it was just such a long time since I had posted to it and it becoming infested with spam, left it now in void. 

As for my "break" from the blogging world, you can't yell at me!  Actual LIFE got in the way.  I am now divorced, bankrupt, and back in school...HEY, one for three!  Yep, its been a rough one, but I'm back on my feet now and just about as happy as a lark.

I'm back in school for Computer Information Technology.  Why?  Because I live on the damn thing, I might as well learn how to fix it.  School may cause small breaks from the blog now and then, I know, my poor lovelies, get over it.

I'm now seeing a good man named Chops!  Aka, My Mountain Man. (He's hairy and I like it.)  He's also a rockstar.

Tell me thats not HOT! 

I'm still doing that thing called work, thats not a career but pays the bills and this will be the one and only time I will ever speak of it again here, other than to say, Work Sucks.

However, you'll probably hear about my side job doing stuff like this:

Yep, an actress without a script.  I stand there and pretend something more serious is going through my head than what actually is.  Its fun and its easy so why the Hell not?

Thats all for now my lovelies.  But I'll leave you with this little tip:


Leah said...

Hey there, I've been on semi-hiatus too, but had to follow the link and find you here! Sounds like your life has been hectic but still fascinating--and yes, the Mountain Man is hot. As is your Serious Pic.

Brandy Rose said...

Thank you Leah!